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About EUcapital

EUcapital SRL is a European firm based in Brussels, providing advice to companies on business development and/or on their relations with the European Institutions.

It also offers expertise to consultants, firms and governments on issues related to SME financing, including private equity and venture capital, as well as on EU tenders. EUcapital assists the EU Institutions and International Organisations in their interactions with institutional investors, private equity and venture capital firms, business angels and entrepreneurs.

Which problems does EUcapital aim to solve?

1. The lack of knowhow about Brussels and how EU institutions work for organisations that wish either to be present in Brussels to influence policy and/or to obtain further business opportunities such as better access to EU tenders.

2. To ease access to finance for funds and companies in Europe by:

  • a. Facilitating interaction and connections with investors, private equity and venture capital firms, business angels and entrepreneurs;
  • b. Putting forward recommendations aimed at influencing EU policy making.

Who can benefit from EUcapital’s services?

  • Consultants interested in participating on EU tenders
  • Private equity and venture capital firms
  • Investors
  • EU trade associations
  • The EU Institutions and other International Organizations (e.g. OECD, UNECE etc)
  • Entrepreneurs, SMEs and business related organisations.
  • Large corporates


  • Identifying key policy makers and private actors to engage with them in dialogue and build strong alliances.
  • Monitoring, anticipating and advising on policy issues of concern for businesses.
  • Identifying business opportunities for clients.
  • Supporting fundraising activities for investment funds and companies, identifying potential public and private investors and bringing them together.
  • Contributing to feasibility studies, reports and evaluations of SME’s policy in general and specifically on access to finance (including private equity and venture capital).
  • Advising clients on EU tenders, providing expertise on issues related to access to finance, facilitating introductions to a broad network of other European experts, including academics and coordinating their work.